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    Duda: Russia wants to change borders in Europe by force

    During Monday’s press conference in Budapest, President Andrzej Duda referred to the policy of Putin’s regime. “We do not recognize the border changes Russia wants to make in Europe by force,” he said. He also spoke of the “Russian-occupied” areas and stressed that this was “a precedent that must be lifted by re-establishing internationally recognized Ukrainian borders.”

    During the press conference, President Duda was asked about the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian and Ukrainian-Belarusian border, the concentration of Russian troops in that area, possible scenarios for the development of the situation, Poland’s role in the event of an escalation of actions, and the issue of internationalization of this topic.

    “I can confidently answer this question that the topic is internationalized. This is, of course, one of the issues I discussed last week with the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Mr Jens Stoltenberg,” he replied.

    President Duda emphasized that “it is not only – from our point of view – the issue of Ukraine’s security”.

    “This is a question of the security of the NATO in general. Please remember that if we are talking about a concentration of Russian troops or the relocation of Russian troops taking place around the borders of Ukraine, it is also happening in the area of Belarus. It is no secret that after the manoeuvres Zapad’21, which took place in the fall, and which culminated in September, some of the Russian units remained in Belarus,” he recalled.


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