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    RSA: Maxus electric cars already in Poland

    There is a new player in the electric car market, MAXUS, with very ambitious plans. It offers electric vans and SUVs.

    MAXUS cars benefit from the vast experience of China’s SAIC, a partner of the world’s largest electric car battery manufacturer CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd). This ensures quality and guarantees the supply of batteries in the future. The car importer is RSA, a company founded in 1936 and based in Drammen, Norway. The company has tremendous experience in the automotive industry and over 10 years with electrical brands.


    “Interest in electric cars is steadily growing, but vans currently available on the market are expensive and have limited range,” says Yaroslav Gural, MAXUS development manager in Poland. He adds that MAXUS meets the expectations of its customers.


    MAXUS will announce pricing and begin taking orders in the coming days. Importantly, it will also begin immediate deliveries – it has thousands of cars in stock in Europe, ready for transport to Poland.


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