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    Warsaw Summit – European conservatives in Warsaw

    On Saturday, 4 December, a meeting of leaders of conservative parties from all over Europe is to be held in Warsaw. The Warsaw Summit – as the meeting will be called – will end with the adoption of a joint declaration.

    This Saturday, Warsaw Summit, a meeting of the leaders of European conservative and right-wing parties, will be held with the participation of the head of the Law and Justice party, Jarosław Kaczyński. During the working sessions, they will discuss, among other things, the future of the European Union and possible institutional reforms of the Community.


    According to the preliminary program, the meeting will begin at about 10 a. m. The Warsaw Summit will end with the adoption of a joint declaration by the participating group leaders.


    At the beginning of July this year, members of right-wing conservative groups whose representatives sit in the European Parliament signed a joint ideological declaration. The declaration was signed, among others, by the President of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński, the President of the Italian Brothers Giorgia Meloni, the President of the Spanish Vox Santiago Abascal, the President of Fidesz Viktor Orban, the President of the League Matteo Salvini and representatives of a dozen other center-right parties.


    In the declaration, the signatories stressed that their cooperation aimed to reform the EU in depth by returning to the ideas that lay behind it, with the sovereign role of the European nations. 


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