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    A young couple and destroyed Warsaw in the background. Who are they?

    The Archives of the Institute of National Remembrance asks for help in identifying the people depicted in the photo by Henryk Śmigacz. It shows a young couple in the background of the ruins of Warsaw.

    The legacy of Henryk Śmigacz was included in the archives of the Institute of National Remembrance (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej – IPN) as part of the Archive Full of Remembrance project. A rich photographic collection and resettlement documents were donated by Aleksandra (daughter) and Małgorzata (granddaughter) Szczygielski, thus fulfilling Henryk Śmigacz’s obligation to preserve the memory of the victims and losses suffered by the Polish nation at the hands of the German occupier during World War II.


    The photos provided are an extremely valuable documentary acquisition from the Second World War and interesting material for research on the history of war photography and Polish theatre. Much of these photos have never been published in the form of prints. For many years they remained outside the country (Belgium).


    The IPN archive is looking for information about the heroes of one of the photos. It shows two young people, almost festively dressed. They smile into the camera.



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