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    What is the biggest threat on the border with Belarus?

    The Commander of the Podlaskie Border Guard Division announced today at a press conference that the situation on the border is unpredictable. – We don’t know when the next attempt of the illegal crossing will be organized, who will drive up to pick these people up and whether they will have weapons,” said Brigadier General Andrzej Jakubaszek.

    During a press conference at the press centre in Popławce in Podlasie, Commander Jakubaszek was asked what kind of threats there are in the border zone, that journalists cannot work freely without supervision by uniformed officers, except for a few hours’ excursions, and why we did not ask Frontex for help.


    Jakubaszek said that “more than two months ago, Frontex Director-General Fabrice Leggeri was here”.


    “He visited the border, drew the appropriate conclusions and we are in constant contact. When it comes to the elements of risk analysis, the products of risk analysis, the specific situations of surveillance that Frontex carries out at the external borders through various types of satellite systems, we cooperate,” he added.


    “The rejection of cooperation, as far as Frontex is concerned, on our part, is not justified in terms of the real situation,” he assured.


    “The whole situation is unpredictable, we do not know at what point another attempt to illegally cross the border will be organised or when, where and by whom these people will be picked up and by what means of transport,” he said.



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