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    In the Serbian press about the heroism of the Ładoś Group

    In the daily “Danas”, published in Serbia, appeared written by dr. Mordecai Paldiel, an article about the Ładoś Group, is a group of Polish diplomats who saved at least several hundred Jews from death during World War II.

    “The Polish ambassador to Switzerland, Aleksander Ładoś, and his two chief assistants, Stefan Ryniewicz and Konstanty Rokicki, undertook a great action to save Polish Jews. The action began when they obtained dozens of Paraguayan documents from the consul of Paraguay, Rudolf Huegli in Bern, in which the names of Polish Jews as alleged citizens of Paraguay were entered and stamped with appropriate stamps. Some of them managed to escape to Japan, where they received the appropriate Polish passports from the Polish legation and went to other places,” emphasizes Paldiel, who wrote several books about the Holocaust.


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