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    Archaeologists have found another part of the treasure from Półwieś

    After examining the site with the treasure of Roman denarii from Półwieś three more coins were found, the Museum in Ostróda announced on Thursday. The treasure, the main part of which was discovered by accident five years ago, now has 112 silver denarii from the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.

    Łukasz Szczepański from the Museum in Ostróda told PAP (Polish Press Agency) that the next stages of research on the site with the treasure of Roman denarii from Półwieś in the Gmina Zalewo take place every year in the fall. The treasure was scattered and the coins were found in the area of 20 ares. As it is an agricultural field, surface tests with metal detectors are only carried out after harvesting.


    “We discover a few more coins there every year, which proves that it is worth returning to such sites. Among the newly discovered coins is the Vespasian denarius, which is the oldest coin in the entire group, dating from 72-73 A.D.,” said the archaeologist.


    Półwieś – a village in Poland located in the Warmian-Masurian Viovodeship, in the Iława County.


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