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    Should we be afraid of the blackout?

    On Monday, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne issued a communiqué stating that “there have been difficulties in balancing the national electricity system” and the “tense situation” may also repeat on Tuesday. Is the spectre of a blackout, which the media have been warning about for several weeks, real? The expert cools down emotions and points out that before a complete shutdown takes place, the PSE has several options at its disposal.

    On Monday (6 Dec), PSE (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, eng: Polish Electricity Networks) reported that “there were difficulties in balancing the national electricity system”.


    “The balance shortfall refers to the inability to meet the required level of power reserves. The scale of the power reserve shortfall is significant and exceeds 1000 MW in some hours. The risk of further deterioration of the balance – due to a large number of generating units coming online after a weekend shutdown – is also significant,” was written in the announcement.


    The balance is also expected to be tense on December 7. In Monday’s announcement, PSE stressed that “inter-operator emergency assistance from neighbouring systems” was used as a countermeasure.


    Wojciech Jakóbik from the BiznesAlert portal cools down emotions.


    “Poland generates energy on a joint. Import helps. PSE predicts that today (7 Dec) as yesterday (6 Dec) the situation will be tense. Before a blackout occurs, however, there are several possibilities for action, including a “blackout period in the power market,” Jakóbik wrote on Twitter.


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