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    The Kielce University of Technology to start research using “artificial sun”

    The Kielce University of Technology has enriched its laboratories with “artificial sun”. A specialized device simulating sunlight will enable the research, among others, of the efficiency of solar panels – the University of Kielce announced on Thursday.

    The device allows, in laboratory conditions, to generate radiation that faithfully reflects the action of the real sun. Thanks to specialized equipment, it is possible to test the efficiency of solar devices, such as solar cells.

    “We can test new cells that are just being introduced to the market by manufacturers and those in use, to see if they are ready for replacement,” said Dr Ewa Zender-Świercz from the Kielce University of Technology.

    The device will be used for research conducted by scientists and students, especially in the field of renewable energy sources.

    “We already know a lot about photovoltaics panels, but there are many topics that still need to be worked on. One of them is fires of such devices. All this can be studied with the help of the artificial sun,” said Prof. Tomasz Kozłowski.

    There are three such devices in Poland, the Kielce one is the most powerful. It was bought in the Netherlands and cost PLN 1.3 million. Only a dozen or so of them work around the world, incl. in the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Canada.


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