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    Another attempt to forcibly cross the border. A Polish Army soldier was wounded

    On Sunday, December 12, migrants tried to forcibly cross the Polish-Belarusian border near Czeremcha (Podlasie region), the Border Guard announced today. – Everything took place under the supervision of Belarusian services,” said Border Guard spokesperson Lieutenant Anna Michalska.

    “Today, on the section protected by the #BGFacility in Czeremcha, a group of 55 aggressive people were forcing the border,” the BG posted on Twitter.


    The Border Guard reported a soldier injured by a rock during the incident.


    “The Polish Army soldier was hit in the face with a stone, he was given pre-medical assistance on the spot,” the BG reported.


    Polish officers were pelted with stones. One of the Polish soldiers was hit in the face with a stone. He was given medical assistance on the spot by a military doctor – informed the Border Guard spokesperson Lieutenant Anna Michalska.


    “Everything took place under the supervision of the Belarusian services,” she said.


    As Lt. Michalska added, “a group of migrants managed to cross the border. All persons were then detained and brought to the borderline.”


    The spokesperson added that 7 Iraqi were detained yesterday as they crossed the Polish-Lithuanian border.


    “The Border Guard together with the police detained 7 Iraqi nationals who were crossing the border from Lithuania to Poland on the section of the border protected by the Augustow Border Guard facility. They were moving in a car. They were carrying documents that indicated they were in Lithuania,” the Border Guard spokesperson said.


    “They will probably be sent back to Lithuania,” she added.


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