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    “Martial law ended with the defeat of the communists”

    Martial law finally ended with the defeat of communists, but it has not been accounted for in any way,” said Andrzej Słowik, the first chairman of Solidarity in Łódź. “The goal of imposing martial law was not achieved, socialism was not defended,” he added.

    According to one of the leaders of the Polish independence opposition in the 1980s, none of the goals of the communists’ imposition of martial law had been achieved. “Socialism was not defended, the economy was not saved, the party and military authorities also failed to destroy Solidarity, which gave rise to an organized underground opposition,” recalled Słowik. 


    “Martial law ultimately ended with the defeat of the communists, but it was also not accounted for in any dimension,” he stressed.


    “The effects of December 13, 1981, are still being felt. After all, it is the judges who 40 years ago watched the law being broken, today also try to break the law, disrespect the rules, circumvent them,” he pointed out.


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