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    Mamed Khalidov was badly knocked out at KSW 65. Roberto Soldić the new champion [VIDEO]

    Roberto Soldić defeated Mamed Khalidov by knockout in an MMA middleweight championship fight at KSW 65.

    Roberto Soldić ended his fight for the KSW (English: Martial Arts Confrontation – editor’s note) middleweight championship belt with a knockout in the second round. The Croatian knocked the experienced Mamed Khalidov to the mat with a powerful left and then started to cover the 41-year-old with hammer blows. The referee stopped the fight in an instant and Khalidov lay dazed for a long moment.



    Khalidov, who was born in Grozny, is a legend of the KSW federation. He’s been competing in MMA since 2004, with 35 wins, 8 losses and two no-contest submissions. Soldic, on the other hand, added the 84kg championship to his previously won welterweight belt and says it’s not the end.


    “I want to be a triple champion! I want to face Tomasz Narkun!,” the Croatian announced his desire to fight in the light-heavyweight category.


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