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    Fr. Zieliński: Customs should not obscure the essence of Christmas

    We have created a beautiful culture that expresses our faith. Let us not allow ourselves to take it away, said the editor-in-chief of the weekly “Idziemy”, Fr. Henryk Zieliński. According to the priest, customs such as decorating the Christmas tree and giving gifts help to experience the holidays, but should not obscure their essence.

    According to Fr. Zieliński, Christmas customs such as decorating a Christmas tree, giving gifts, and preparing twelve dishes help to experience Christmas well.

    “The condition is that these customs accompany Christmas and do not replace this that belongs to the essence of this time. The point is so that the preparation of twelve dishes does not replace us receiving Jesus Christ in Holy Communion,” he reserved.

    He added that dressing up the Christmas tree by a family or buying gifts for loved ones can be very helpful in having a fruitful Christmas experience.

    “Giving another person joy reminds us that Christ, coming into the world, saved us and redeemed us. These gifts and the Christmas tree shouldn’t replace reconciliation with God and people. Because it is difficult to imagine giving each other gifts at a time when we conflict with each other,” he explained.


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