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    Deserter Emil Cz. wanted on an outstanding warrant!

    Emil Cz., a soldier who escaped to Belarus and slanders Poland in interviews for the regime’s media, is wanted on an outstanding warrant. The document has been officially issued. Just before Christmas, an order was issued for the temporary arrest of the deserter.

    According to the information provided by the spokeswoman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, prosecutor Aleksandra Skrzyniarz, the APB could have been issued after the court granted the prosecution’s request for the temporary arrest of Emil Cz. “The APB was issued on Monday (27 Dec),” prosecutor Aleksandra Skrzyniarz stressed.


    Last week the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw announced that the decision to make allegations against Emil Cz. was issued by the Military Affairs Department of the Białystok-Północ District Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok. The order issued concerns the introduction of charges under Article 339 § 3 of the Penal Code. 


    According to the investigators’ findings, Emil Cz. was on duty in the vicinity of the border crossing with Belarus in the town of Narewka, but on December 16 “he left his assigned post and crossed into the territory of the Republic of Belarus”.


    Meanwhile, Emil Cz. continues his “tour” in the Belarusian and Russian propaganda media. He talks about the alleged “crimes” of Polish soldiers. 


    Emil Cz., if he appears in Poland, will be arrested. He faces 10 years in prison for desertion.


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