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    They wanted to kidnap an entrepreneur from Podkarpacie. CBŚP detained five people

    “Police officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police (CBŚP) together with the National Prosecutor’s Office prevented the abduction of a man for ransom. The would-be victim was being watched, accessories which were to be used to commit the crime were being prepared” – says the spokeswoman of the CBŚP, Sub-Lieutenant-Commander of the Police. Iwona Jurkiewicz.

    According to the service, investigators determined that members of an organized criminal group may be preparing to abduct an inhabitant of Podkarpackie province. “The goal of this crime was just one – to get a ransom,” explained sub-inspector Iwona Jurkiewicz.


    “To achieve it on the territory of Podkarpacie the place of residence of a potential victim was observed. The collected material indicated that they intended to use the firearms already in their possession and elements of police uniforms for the planned crime,” the police officer said.


    Police officers from the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Regional Police Headquarters in Rzeszów and officers from the Vistula Branch of the Border Guard took part in the operation. “During a search of the car in which he was travelling officers secured a T-shirt with the inscription ‘Police’. Subsequent operations were carried out in Mazowieckie and Lubelskie Voivodships, where four suspects were detained” – Iwona Jurkiewicz emphasized.


    The detainees are four men and a woman. They were brought to the Podkarpacki Department of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów. “In the prosecutor’s office, they heard charges of directing and acting in an organized criminal group aimed at abducting a person,” the Press Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office reported.


    “Due to the necessity of securing the proper course of proceedings against four male suspects, the District Court in Rzeszów, at the prosecutor’s request, applied a preventive measure in the form of temporary arrest for a period of three months. The prosecutor decided to apply custodial preventive measures in relation to the female suspect” – stated the Prosecutor’s Office.


    According to the findings, the criminal group operated at least since July 2021 in the Podkarpackie, Mazowieckie and Lubelskie Provinces and was led by Daniel P., a 27-year-old resident of the Lubelskie Province.


    “During the conducted (…)search, there have been revealed and secured, inter alia, a Smith & Wesson revolver with 5 pieces of ammunition in the magazine, 70 rounds of ammunition, 9 thousand zlotys, notebooks, mobile phones and SIM cards” – it was added.


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