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    It has been an extremely difficult year for the Border Guard. “We handled it”

    “Border Guard officers were the heroes of 2021,” reported Anna Michalska, a spokeswoman for the service. The data shows it. The guards have had to deal with a huge migration crisis. Attempts to illegally cross the border have also occurred in recent days.

    Anna Michalska, the Border Guard spokeswoman, informed that last Friday there were 34 attempts to illegally cross the border, on January 1st there were 28 attempts, and yesterday 16 attempts.


    As she pointed out, yesterday in Szudziałowo a group of 4 people tried to cross the border, while at the same time 2 people in Belarusian uniforms threw stones in the direction of Polish services.


    “Four people on the Belarusian side tried to enter the territory of Poland. Meanwhile, two people in civilian clothes – but wearing caps with markings that resembled those of the Belarusian services – cut the barbed wire with scissors. Then they started throwing stones and branches resembling rods in the direction of the Polish patrols,” Lieutenant Michalska described.


    The four men were detained after crossing the border and then brought to the borderline, she added. “None of them have applied for international protection. They did not declare that they needed medical assistance,” Lieutenant Michalska explained.


    She also said that in the area of the Border Guard facility in Płaska, a car was stopped in which a Syrian was carrying five illegal migrants, citizens of Iraq.


    There was also a summary of 2021. Last year, 39,714 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border were recorded, compared to only 122 attempts in 2020.


    “The data shows that Border Patrol officers were the heroes of the year. What we did, what a challenge it was… we can summarize it: we handled it,” Michalska said.


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