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    36th Carpathian Europe Conference: Shaping the Future of Central Europe

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    The 36th edition of the Carpathian Europe Conference is currently underway in Karpacz, Poland, during the Economic Forum. This three-day event brings together Polish and international politicians, experts, and scientists, with a particular focus on Central and Eastern European countries. It aims to explore common values, traditions, natural heritage, and cultural diversity within the region.

    Carpathian Europe is a series of international conferences and dialogue forums encompassing countries within or neighboring the Carpathian mountain range. It addresses topics related to security, development, tourism, infrastructure, ecology, and digitization in the region.

    Day 1: Discussing the Future of Central Europe

    The conference began with discussions on the future of Central Europe, emphasizing the significant changes the region has undergone in the past few decades. Jan Figel, member of the Managing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, highlighted the transformation from a region with three neighbors to one with seven, underscoring the dynamic nature of Central Europe.

    Ryszard Terlecki, Deputy Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, emphasized the strong commitment to sovereignty in Central Europe and the region’s unique historical context, having emerged from behind the Iron Curtain. The ongoing crisis in Ukraine was also a key topic, with Poland actively supporting the country’s reconstruction efforts.

    Philosophers and ethicists engaged in discussions about the foundations of our civilization. They explored the connection between democracy and Christianity and the challenges posed by modernity and individualism.

    Experts discussed strategies to strengthen Central Europe’s economic center, including investments in research and development, diversifying energy sources, and improving infrastructure. The importance of education in building a country’s intellectual elite was also highlighted.

    The 36th Carpathian Europe Conference provides a platform for insightful discussions on the future of Central Europe. As the region continues to evolve, these dialogues contribute to shaping its path forward and fostering cooperation among its nations.

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