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    GoodWe is changing its image, emphasizing the role of smart technology in the energy transition

    GoodWe is rebranding its brand in line with the evolution of the global energy space, with a primary focus on collaboration and digitization. At the core of the new brand identity is the manufacturer’s commitment to using cutting-edge technology to drive the global energy transition and ensure a more sustainable future for future generations.

    GoodWe recognizes technological innovation as a key pillar of the brand, so both the new logo and accompanying slogan, “Smart Energy Innovator,” have been appropriately rebranded to emphasize this high-tech identity. The new logo was officially unveiled on January 7-8, 2022. From now on, new product designs will be branded with a new logo, highlighting the brand’s innovative identity.


    As a smart energy innovator, GoodWe is committed to zero-carbon innovation, and digital connectivity is becoming a key part of its vision for the future of new energy. The company has set itself the goal of providing comprehensive and integrated solutions for the new digital energy. It has made significant investments in the research and development of products and systems that operate intelligently and efficiently and can effectively increase productivity, safety while providing maximum cost reduction and sustainability of energy systems.


    Collaboration and exchange are also core values of GoodWe, which is why one of the brand’s goals is to create sustainable energy communities that can offer added value to all key stakeholders and thus build a sustainable future for the planet, humanity and future generations.


    GoodWe CEO and Founder, Daniel Huang, emphasized that “GoodWe is determined to become a major driver of the global energy transition and global efforts for a sustainable future.” This mission is accompanied by the company’s overarching vision of driving the global smart energy transformation.


    January 8, 2022. GoodWe held a unique opening ceremony for its new headquarters in Suzhou high-tech zone in Jiangsu province. The office, which sits on 20 floors above ground and 3 below ground, is a major investment that sets the stage for advanced technologies and also becomes home to the company’s research and development laboratory, where research will be conducted on selected photovoltaic products and technologies.


    GoodWe’s redesign provides a more aesthetically pleasing and modern look that coincides with the company’s desire to help customers transition to clean energy products and systems that are more optimized and deliver high performance. The company views smart technology as an essential tool for the global energy transition and is committed to developing modern and efficient energy solutions to meet the energy needs of the future and to achieve global zero-carbon goals.


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