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    Ski jumping: Competition in Zakopane without Stoch

    Kamil Stoch will not take part in the weekend ski jumping World Cup competitions in Zakopane due to injury, PZN informed.

    One of the most successful ski jumpers from Poland and the history of the sport. He won two World Cup overall titles, three Four Hills Tournaments (two of them consecutive), three individual gold medals at the Winter Olympics, individual and team gold at the Ski Jumping World Championships, and individual silver at the Ski Flying World Championships.


    “My heart breaks. Monday’s final jump gave me so much faith, energy and joy that I was already looking forward to today’s training. A warm-up, a second of inattention, I don’t even know what to call it, and pain… The ankle swelled and changed colour. Several hours of treatments, consultations, diagnoses. Rupture of the joint capsule, I won’t be able to compete in Zakopane. Nevertheless, I want to share this weekend with you and I will keep you informed about everything,” wrote Kamil Stoch on Facebook.


    On Saturday a team competition will be held in Zakopane, on Sunday an individual one. The official training and qualification are scheduled for Friday.


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