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    General “Gray” archive

    Today, documents, letters and other memorabilia of General Antoni Heda were given to the Modern Records Archives by his daughter. General Heda, codename „Szary”, was a legendary commander of the Polish Home Army during the Second World War and of the anti-Communist resistance after the war. He was famous for his extraordinary bravery. Apart from “Szary’s” personal documents, the Modern Records Archives also received precious sources for the research of the history of the Radomsko-Kieleckie regions in the context of the Home Army, including original orders and reports from the partisan actions. They also gathered photographs from conspiracy operations which have never been published before.

     “The daughter of Antoni Heda gave us incredibly valuable documents in the form of original materials of her father’s troops, such as pictures and other complementary materials”- says Mariusz Olczak, historian – Modern records archives.

     “It’s not my property, it belongs to society. It’s about time, our society took ownership of all of our history. After all, it’s not only ours, many generations will come after us. (FLASH) He was definitely a unique person. He was very just, but also loving. He loved people very, very much and was someone who dedicated his whole life to Poland”- says Teresa Heda – Snopkiewicz, gen.Antoni Heda’s  daughter .

    Antoni Heda codename “Szary” or “Grey”, was a commander of partisan units of the Union of Armed Struggle and the Home Army. After the war, he was engaged in honouring places of German war crimes and places of battle of the Home Army during the Second World War, as well as taking part in the post war anti-Communist armed resistance. On May 3rd 2006, Antoni Heda was promoted to the rank of brigade general in retirement by president Lech Kaczyński. The brave general died in Warsaw on February 15th 2009.


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