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    Talks about Turów. Jabłoński: “the new Czech government seems to have different approach”

    Tomorrow, further negotiations on the Turów mine will begin. “The previous Czech government pretended to be willing to conclude an agreement on the issue, the new government seems to have a slightly different approach,” Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Pawel Jablonski assessed. As he conveyed, there is a chance that the parties can come to an agreement.

    “The new government was sworn in last week in the Czech parliament; right after being sworn in, we sit down at the table again. The Polish side is still ready to solve this dispute in a bilateral way,” Jabłoński said Monday on Polish Radio’s Third Program.


    Another round of talks is scheduled to take place on Tuesday in Warsaw. “We hope that we can reach an agreement, I think there is some change in terms of the approach of the Czech side,” he added.


    According to Jabłoński, “for many weeks the previous government simply pretended to want to conclude an agreement, there was no real will”. “It probably stemmed from concerns about how it might be perceived internally, the new government seems to have a slightly different approach,” the deputy minister said.


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