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    Kremlin’s strategic plans are not just about Ukraine

    The crisis around Ukraine created by Russia and the threat of a renewed attack must also be considered through the prism of testing the Alliance – wrote Stanisław Żaryn, the Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator on Twitter.

    As he pointed out, the reactions of the West and individual member states were analyzed by the Russian services in such situations.


    “Russia will also identify those circles and individuals who are willing to be submissive to Moscow and defend its interests in the current situation. Differences of opinion, every crack on the Alliance will be identified and used against the West in the future,” he added. 


    “Kremlin’s strategic plans for the West are not just about Ukraine’s status and its strategic choices. They are calculated for much broader goals – the destruction of NATO and the new balance of power in the world, in which there is no place for the subjectivity of some states,” wrote Żaryn. 

    The spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator referred also to Russia’s military build-up on the Ukrainian border. 


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