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    New Logos think tank launches

    A new interdisciplinary think tank Logos, which aims to improve the quality of public debate in Poland and Europe, has begun its work. Its experts presented a comprehensive “Report on the State of the Nation”, which shows the vision of transformation facing our country. Opinion leaders from Spain, Italy, Belgium, the United States, Ukraine, Hungary and Slovenia have been involved in working with the think tank.

    The think tank’s team consists of more than 40 lawyers, economists and sociologists who have been engaged in public debate for years. Now, under one banner, they want to engage in a substantive discussion on the transformation that Poland and Europe are facing.


    During the press conference, experts presented the think tank’s first publication entitled “Report on the State of the Nation”. The comprehensive study identifies the major development challenges and opportunities facing our country. The material addresses, among other issues, health care, energy and climate policy, environmental protection, efficient administration and judiciary, sports and tourism, culture, demographic policy, NGO policy, and human rights.


    In terms of digital policy, the new centre aims to defend free speech online and create laws to prevent ideological censorship by big tech companies. In the area of health, the think tank proposes increasing spending on preventive and lifestyle medicine and creating a debt relief program for local hospitals.


    Logos will not only be a think tank for effective policy-making in our country, but also a platform for cooperation between social and academic organizations from all over Europe. 


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