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    Top 8 security industry trends in 2022

    The world at the threshold of 2022 is still fighting a pandemic. However, despite the difficulties, the security industry continues to strive to change, adapt and evolve. For a few trends, there is even an acceleration. Large and small players in the industry, in addition to traditional “physical security,” are rapidly developing innovative AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity solutions.

    All indications are that the security industry is in the process of redefining itself. It is moving away from traditional security and expanding into new areas of security that will provide communities, companies, and societies with new levels of intelligence and sustainability.


    Hikvision would like to share some ideas and expectations about the key trends most likely to affect the security industry in 2022 and the future.


    1. Ubiquitous AI


    Artificial intelligence (AI) is quite widely used in the security industry today. More and more customers have recognized the value of AI and found new areas for its use in a variety of scenarios. Along with ARTR, automated event notification, and false alarm elimination systems, AI is also being used more broadly, including personal protective equipment (PPE) detection, elderly fall detection, mine surface detection, and much more.


    2. AIoT will advance digitization and penetrate various industries


    The security industry is becoming an increasingly important part of the Internet of Things (IoT) world, enriching imaging capabilities through the growing use of surveillance cameras and other security devices. The boundaries of the security industry are blurring, going well beyond the physical security arena.


    3. Integrated systems will break down data silos


    Employees in private companies and public service sectors will certainly benefit from the opportunity to get rid of complex “data silos.” Data and information fragmented and stored in incompatible systems or groups, create barriers to information sharing and collaboration preventing managers from gaining a holistic view of the business.


    4. Cloud-based solutions and services will be essential


    Like AI, the cloud is not a new trend, but a growing one in our industry. In both small-company and large-enterprise-dominated markets, we are seeing that the moment has come for greater use of cloud-based solutions and services. We are also witnessing that the pandemic has accelerated the transition of individuals and businesses around the world to cloud-based operations.


    5. Crystal clear visualization of security status will be standard in all weather and physical conditions, at any time of day or night


    The most important thing in the case of surveillance cameras is the legibility of images and round-the-clock recording of events in all conditions, including various weather conditions. Cameras equipped with twilight technology, recording colour, and high-resolution images also in the evening and night, are very popular in the market.


    6. Biometric access control will result in improved security and greater efficiency


    Authorized access control has changed significantly over the past decades, with keys replaced by PIN codes and identification cards. Today, we are entering the era of biometrics. The access control market is rapidly becoming occupied by biometric authentication of fingerprints and palm prints, but also facial and iris.


    7. A Zero-Trust approach will highlight the importance of cybersecurity


    Cybersecurity has become an extraordinary challenge for the industry, especially in light of the growing array of security devices connected via the Internet. Recently, more stringent data security and privacy regulations have been introduced in key global markets, including the EU’s GDPR and the Data Security Law in China, placing greater demands on cybersecurity.


    8. Green manufacturing and low-carbon initiatives will spread


    There is full agreement that societies around the world value low-carbon initiatives. Security market customers also prefer low-power products and are increasingly looking for solar-powered cameras.


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