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    Izabela Marcisz has a big challenge in Beijing

    Ski runner Izabela Marcisz admitted that Thursday’s 10 km classic technique competition on the Olympic track in Zhangjiakou was very tiring. “I felt pain. But if it was different, I wouldn’t be satisfied,” said the 21-year-old Pole, who still has a very demanding start at the Olympics over a distance that is three times longer. “I think it’s going to be a massacre,” Marcisz admits with a smile.

    Izabela Marcisz was still in the second ten after two kilometers of Thursday’s race, but then she weakened a bit and eventually took the 29th position. She was the best of the Polish women in the 10 km run.


    “I started the first five kilometers quite well. It’s not a matter of me starting it too fast because I had a nice pace and was running well. The ending beat me a little. The moment of crisis came. I fought it as much as I could,” Marcisz was happy.


    As she admitted, before Thursday’s performance she sought advice from her experienced compatriot, whose achievements include two Olympic gold medals.


    “I talked to Justyna (Kowalczyk – editor’s note) about it, that it was going to be a hard run, and it was. I think I executed that plan that I talked to her about,” said. 


    She will also compete in a relay and 30 km freestyle race.

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