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    We are grateful for what you have done, Kamil

    Kamil Stoch finished the Olympic competition on the large hill in Zhangjiakou just behind the podium. Fourth place for an athlete is the worst, and the 34-year-old did not hide his tears after the competition. Unnecessarily. The Pole is a legend anyway, and he has shown a beautiful quest for a medal in Beijing.

    Kamil Stoch is a three-time Olympic champion, and all his successes are too numerous to count. In addition to the four medals, he won in Sochi (triumphing there individually on the normal and large hill) and in Pyongyang (gold on the large hill, also bronze in the team competition), the Pole wasn’t able to add one more medal on Saturday in Beijing.


    Kamil Stoch was depressed after the Olympic competition


    In the end, the 34-year-old from Ząb ran out of luck. He came in fourth in the Olympic competition, which was on a very high level. It is said it was a beautiful fight, full of tremendous emotions. Before the Olympics, nobody put Stoch among the medal candidates, but the Pole showed that such a champion shall not be underestimated. To make the long story short – the three rivals were a bit better that day.


    Team competition is scheduled for Monday at the Olympics. It’s possible that Stoch and the white and red team will once again provide the fans with fantastic experiences and maybe tears of sadness will turn into tears of happiness…


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