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    Ukrainian staff: The separatists violated the truce almost 30 times. A soldier and two civilians were wounded

    The separatists supported by Russia have violated the truce in Ukraine almost 30 times since the beginning of the day. As a result of the military operations, civilians and one soldier were wounded.

    As reported by the headquarters of the Joint Armed Forces Operation of Ukraine, from the beginning of the day separatists supported by Russia violated the truce 29 times. According to the staff, in 27 violations of the ceasefire, weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements were used.


    “With particular cynicism, the Russian occupation forces fired on the village of Stanitsa Luhansk in the Luhansk region. The terrorists launched 32 bullets with heavy artillery weapons of 122 mm calibre, ” we read on Facebook. According to preliminary data, as a result of the shelling, three kindergarten employees were injured and the kindergarten was evacuated


    The Operations Staff of the Joint Armed Forces of Ukraine also informs about cases of aggression in other localities. We read about 122 mm artillery shots, 120 mm mortars, anti-tank grenade launchers and anti-tank missile systems.


    As a result of the aggression of the separatists, one soldier of the United Forces was wounded. His condition is serious and he is in the hospital. In addition, two civilians were injured.


    “It should be noted that the enemy continues to use his propaganda methods of information warfare to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of shelling civilians, concealing their insidious actions. Ukrainian soldiers opened fire in response to stop the enemy’s activity,” it was written. 


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