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    Saber Strike 2022 – multinational training exercise in Poland

    Tomorrow (Monday, February 21), the multinational Saber Strike 2022 organized by the United States starts in Poland – informed the Armed Forces General Command of the Republic of Poland.

    “Training events like Saber Strike 22 are planned well in advance, are not linked to an ongoing or ongoing operation, are an excellent example of common capabilities and show that allies and NATO partners are stronger together,” wrote Armed Forces General Command (DG RSZ) on Twitter.


    Saber Strike is a bi-annual U.S. Army Europe and Africa multinational training exercise that takes place in the Baltic States and is organized by the US Ground Forces in Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF).


    “The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate how USAREUR-AF can deploy combat-credible European-based units to Poland, the Baltics, and Central Europe; train in a winter environment; and increase air defense interoperability within the Baltic region,” we can read on SHAPE’s NATO website. 


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