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    The Confederation Party : They will have options to choose from

    The Confederation party, on the other hand, has no shortage of candidates for the presidential primaries. 9 politicians associated with the formation will run in the electoral primaries.

     ”These primaries are in fact the biggest debate, the largest representation of possible options on the ideological right in recent years. This was expected of us by Poles and we are implementing it today. We have 9 candidates for the presidential primaries. Out of those whom we invited to participate in these primaries, those 9 responded positively”- says Robert Winnicki, member of The Confederacy Party

     ”We have 3 people that have already participated in the presidential elections, so we have a group of experienced and energetic leaders. There will be plenty to choose from”- says Witold Tumanowicz, member of The Confederacy Party.


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