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    PANEK CarSharing donates 1000 cars for refugees from Ukraine

    Because of the situation in Ukraine, the company PANEK CarSharing, the operator of the car service for minutes, has decided to exclude 1000 vehicles from service and to use them as support for the transport of people from the Ukrainian border to the volunteers and all people who want to help refugees in need. The employees of PANEK have already embarked on their first tours. The action will last the whole weekend with the possibility of an extension for additional days.

    “We apologize for the inconvenience associated with the availability of a part of our car fleet in the coming days, but we cannot look calmly at what happens beyond our border. We are committed to helping people who have been forced to leave their country due to the war or who are simply fleeing for fear of their lives and the lives of their families”, said Konrad Panek, Marketing Manager at PANEK S.A.


    Anyone who wants to take part in the promotion should send their request to the email address of PANEK CarSharing customer service: 1000 PANEK CarSharing vehicles are waiting for volunteer drivers. Vehicles are excluded from regular service and handed over to voluntary drivers.


    The rules of assistance for refugees from Ukraine are handed over by the customer service office PANEK CarSharing.


    The duration of the action is planned for the entire coming weekend, but the company does not rule out extending the action if necessary.

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