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    SWS Media have been warning against Russia for many years

    Today, Russia is condemned by almost everyone: journalists who attacked the Law and Justice party for the so-called “Russophobia”, foreign politicians who did business with Putin, the liberal Polish opposition, which once allied with Moscow and wanted Russia in NATO, post-communists who were involved in dirty business with the Russian services, and some right-wing groups, Jarosław Kaczyński or accused Antoni Macierewicz of an anti-Russian obsession. Today, it is clear that those who, despite media attacks and ironic incitement, consistently and persistently warned against Russia and its neo-imperial policies were right. As far as the Polish media are concerned, we are talking above all about the SWS Media (literal Polish abbreviation for Free Speech Zone – editor’s note).

    “Gazeta Polska”, TV Republika, “Gazeta Polska Codziennie”, the monthly “Nowe Państwo”, the portal – each of these media has stressed from the outset how dangerous Russia and its current leader – Vladimir Putin are.


    They have written about the weakness and submissiveness of the West to Moscow, about the hypocrisy and greed of European politicians, about the disregard of the Russian threat by the political-media mainstream. They exposed post-Soviet influences in Poland and Europe, described Russia’s increasing agent infiltration of our continent, reported on the political assassinations carried out on behalf of the Kremlin, and were not afraid to use the strongest terms.


    This is a sad satisfaction, but once again – after the invasion of Georgia, Smolensk, the Euromaidan, the shooting down of a Malaysian plane by the Russians, and the terrorist attacks in Europe – history has proved they were right.


    In our gallery, we upload some examples of the issues.

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