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    Successful aid from KGHM. Two truckloads have been delivered

    The KGHM Group supports the activities of the Polish Government and is organising support for the refugees and citizens of Ukraine, fighting with the Russian occupier. In the Copper Basin, the company is establishing a Support Centre for Ukrainians in cooperation with NGOs.

    Yesterday (March 4), it was informed on Twitter that the Polish copper giant (KGHM) has successfully delivered two full truckloads of first-aid products to the hospitals in Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is harsh, therefore there is a shortage of medical things.



    “As announced, we have done it. A transport has arrived in Ukrainian hospitals. Two lorries and a truck transported thousands of medical supplies, bandages, drugs… The most important thing today is help. We’re moving on,” wrote KGHM’s CEO Marcin Chludziński on Twitter.




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