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    Normality, family, prosperity

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki delivered his expose in the Sejm yesterday. In an 80-minute speech, the prime minister set out the government’s priorities for the new term. He mentioned, among others, defending the family and children against the effects of the cultural war, building a prosperous state, as well as creating a demographic strategy for Poland.

     ”Poles gave the Law and Justice party the mandate to build the Polish state of prosperity. A modern and safe statehood. The state of which each of us would proudly say: Poland is my home. Poles gave us that mandate in the recent elections, which had the highest turnout in the last 30 years, and they gave the Law and Justice Party a record-high number of votes. The goal of the goals is to build Poland as the best country in which to live in Europe. Poland with peaceful everyday life, Poland safe in her borders. This is the dream of millions of Poles.
    Our program is based on the culture which builds our national identity. It is built on the family and marriage, as described in our constitution. Those are the constitutional values we believe in. The family is, and must remain, the foundation of our society. I know that the family is treated by some as the story of the past. The more the talk about new family models the more it becomes obvious that they are talking about experimental issues with minorities in society and new experimental solutions. We do not agree that exceptions should pretend to define the new norm. We believe that the future of our children should be built on the solid foundation of the family”- says Mateusz Mazowiecki, Prime Minister of Poland.


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