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    “Russians do not keep their promise”

    Russians do not keep their promise. There’s no mercy, even for the children and the women, the injured. They shoot in housing estates. They shoot at peaceful people during the evacuation,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov writes.

    “Dear Ukrainians! Eleven days of heroic resistance. Due to the enormous losses suffered by the enemy, the intensity of the fighting temporarily decreased. However, the Russian invaders are trying to organize new forces and resources for the next wave of attacks,” writes the Minister of Defense.


    He adds that the Russian troops are concentrating on Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Mikolayiv. He calls on Ukrainians to be vigilant.


    “The Russian world is trying to suffocate the heroic city of Mariupol with a humanitarian crisis. The Ukrainian leadership is doing everything possible and impossible to provide humanitarian corridors,” Reznikov points out.


    The Ukrainian politician recalls that “Russians do not keep their promise.”

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