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    Poznan becomes the capital of literature for the weekend

    The 20th edition of the Poznan Book Fair starts on Friday (March 11th) at 11 A.M. in the MTP building. The attendees will be able to visit the stands of known Polish publishers, meet up with authors and listen to translators’ lectures. Simultaneously there will be an Education Fair, which promotes schools, additional activities such as dance, and the initiatives of the Polish Institute of Bucharest.

    The fair will last three days, from March 11th to 13th. Over a hundred publishers will set up stands with their books, such as SQN, Fabryka Słów or Poznanskie Publishing House. The genres vary from non-fiction to literary fiction, fantasy, comics and children’s books. There will also be a special corner for illustrations: a vernissage titled “Masters of Illustrations” and a Saloon of Illustrators, presenting the works of upcoming young artists. 

    The attendees will be able to meet up with authors such as Jakub Malecki (“The Shiver”, “The Horizon”), Adam Faber (middle-grade fantasy books, e.g. “The Jaar Chronicles”), and Mariusz Szczygieł, a well-known journalist and the author of “Gottland”. But not only is the spotlight given to authors but also translators. There will be meetings with Maciej Studencki, who translated Victoria Schwab’s books into Polish, and also a lecture “Translating Noblists” hosted by Krzysztof Majer and Kaja Gucio. 

    There is a special segment for kids as well – corners for reading and drawing. There will also be presents for kids celebrating their birthdays.



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