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    Does Leroy Merlin still want to do business with Kremlin? Internet users cut the company to ribbons

    The French Groupe Adeo’s subsidiaries Leroy Merlin, Decathlon and Auchan do not intend to withdraw from Russia after the country’s attack on Ukraine. Internet users do not hide their outrage and announce a boycott of these shops.

    After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, other Western corporations withdraw from Russia. However, the French retail chains Leroy Merlin, Decathlon and Auchan do not intend to do so. The first one even announces further investments in the regime led by Vladimir Putin. Internet users do not hide their indignation at the policies of the French, who, according to many, have put money above human decency.


    “Let’s leave Leroy Merlin” encourages one of the Internet users.


    Elsewhere we find a reference to Leroy Merlin’s advertising slogan in Poland – “Become a hero in your own house.”


    “Leroy Merlin – become a hero in YOUR own home. Don’t buy from those who are sponsors to attack others,” we read in the tweet.


    The Polish representation of Leroy Merlin cuts off in a statement on social media from the French headquarters’ decision.


    “Dear people, as Leroy Merlin Poland, we have an influence on what we do in Poland, so we focus on supporting the victims of war. Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been supporting the staff of Leroy Merlin Ukraine and other refugees who ask us for help. Every day, our employees take refugees into their homes, and we support both financially. We donate 4.5 million zlotych for this,” you can read on the official company’s page on Facebook.


    However, this statement does not convince followers about the company’s social media profile.


    “But we influence the policy of your headquarters – by boycotting your company in Poland, we read the comments.


    “It is good that the Polish department preserves human instinct, but nevertheless the decision of the headquarters goes out into the world. Shame isn’t much to say!” added another Internet user.


    “Unfortunately, the boycott is the only way for headquarters to change corporate policy. Until then, I will not use your services and advise others to do the same’” commented another person below Leroy Merlin’s statement.


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