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    Lacemakers from Koniaków help refugees from Ukraine

    The Ukrainian flag was made by the lacemakers from Koniaków. The work is an expression of solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The ladies also made lace bracelets in the colours of our neighbours’ flag.

    The Ukrainian flag was formed from blue and yellow lace. It has a size of 64 cm by 47 cm. Traditionally, flowers form the pattern. “The flag is an expression of our solidarity with Ukraine”, said Lucyna Ligocka – Kohut, Head of the Centre of Koniaków Lace, who came up with the idea for making the flag. 


    “The lacemakers decided not only symbolically but also in reality to support Ukrainian women who had fled to Poland with their children because of the war, including Koniaków. In order not to limit our business to just one gesture, but to make it long-term, we have made bracelets from Koniaków lace that we will sell. They are in the colours of Ukraine. As always, the pattern is formed by the April motifs. The funds we collect in this way are donated to support the Ukrainian women who have come to Koniaków”, said Lucyna Ligocka-Kohut.


    The Head of the Centre of Koniaków Lace said that among other things the lace girls want to organise workshops and meetings for mothers and children to help them integrate. So far, they’ve reached us. They have to adjust, acclimatise. But soon they need a job, an idea for themselves. We want to create a meeting place for them in the centre. So, they can come here with the kids. Rest, integrate”, said Ligocka-Kohut.



    The Ukrainian flag and bracelets were used during the lesson “From tradition to profession. Training in the field of Koniaków lace”, led by lace master Zuzanna Ptak. They take place on Thursday afternoon. The workshop is attended by about 20 women, including Slovak women.


    The city itself is famous for having the greatest lace masterpiece in the world that reached the record in the Guinness Book of Records. The largest Koniaków Lace in the world is 5 meters in diameter and consists of over 8,000 motifs that constitute the entire drape, arranged in 20 rows. For its creation, over 50 km of cotton threads were used, the so-called cream-coloured floss.


    According to the information provided by the centre, the gigantic tablecloth entered in the Guinness Book of Records was created in 5 months from April to August 2013 in the home of the lacemaker Marta Haratyk, who designed the whole and created it together with her daughters Danuta Krasowska, Renata Krasowska, Mariola Legierska and her friend Urszula Rybka. All the ladies are from Koniaków.

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