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    Kamil Glik bought an ambulance to help children fleeing the war in Ukraine

    Kamil Glik, the Polish footballer, bought an ambulance to help evacuate seriously ill children from Ukraine which is under attack.

    Kamil Glik has already shown solidarity with the victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine and has now decided to provide very concrete support. The defender of the Polish national team and Italian team Benevento Calcio has bought an ambulance to help sick children escape the hell of war in Ukraine.


    “The story is simple. I bought an ambulance and I know a man who wants to drive. It is appropriately equipped inside, especially for severely ill children,” said Glik, quoted on the Twitter account of the portal “Łączy nas piłka.”


    After the war, the football player intends to hand over the ambulance to a suitable unit, which will use it to further assist the needy.


    The Russian military in Ukraine is particularly cruel, and the victims of war are often civilians, women and children. Putin’s army shelled, among other things, the maternity hospital in Mariupol.


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