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    Orlen delivered Starlinks to Ukraine

    “We have managed to quickly hand over to Ukraine a large party of Starlinks, which will enable it to get in touch with the world”, said ORLEN’s CEO Daniel Obajtek this morning. Built by SpaceX Starlink is a telecommunication satellite designed to deliver the Internet. They work in low orbits with an altitude of about 550 km.


    “It was a difficult but very important task. We managed to quickly hand over to Ukraine a large Starlinks part, which will enable it to have contact with the world. We support our neighbours and remain in solidarity with Ukraine and its citizens,” PKN Orlen CEO, Daniel Obajtek, tweeted this morning.


    On Friday evening, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhaylo Fedorov thanked the Polish Government and Orlen Society for Starlinks, among others. “A new batch of Starlink stations! While Russia is blocking access to the Internet, Ukraine is becoming more open to the entire world. Ukraine is the truth. The truth always wins. Thank you, Elon Musk, the Government of Poland and Orlen,” said Fedorov.



    Previously on Friday the Chief Executive Officer of PKN Orlen reported that Stalinks, bought by Orlen, have reached the destination.


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