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    Anonymous' new target

    About 350 companies withdrew from the Russian market, as a sign of protest against Russia’s actions in Ukraine. But a few dozen well-known multinational corporations decided to break away from the almost united front of Western corporations in order – despite all the criticism – to do business in a country dominated by criminals. Meanwhile, Anonymous has issued an ultimatum to these companies that stayed in Russia. Hackers give them 48 hours to withdraw their business from the Russian market.

    “We call on all companies that continue to operate in Russia by paying taxes to the budget of the Kremlin’s criminal regime: Pull out of Russia! We give you 48 hours to reflect and withdraw from Russia or else you will be under our target!” Anonymous TV informed on Twitter. 


    After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, many companies and organizations from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia boycotted Russia and Belarus. By March 17, 2022, about 350 companies had withdrawn from Russia or separated due to sanctions or as a sign of protest against Russia.


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