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    Women’s dancing class in Gdansk Ziemia Club

    On March 23rd, in Ziemia Club in Gdansk, Marta Andrzejewska will conduct a class about intuitive dancing. She will explain what that is, how to benefit from it and in what way dance can be a form of meditation. The course starts at 6 P.M. and is dedicated to women only.

    The session will be divided into three parts. During the introduction, the attendees will share a few things about themselves and their experiences as women. They will also learn about the female archetypes in culture and their impact on how modern women act and view themselves. As a cultural studies scholar, Marta Andrzejewska will be able to explain where do some female insecurities originate from and how to shift one’s thinking to feeling better about themselves. 

    The next part is the core of the course – the intuitive dance, a form of meditation but in movement. Improvised dancing helps in reducing stress, releasing bottled up feelings and getting a better understanding of yourself. No dancing abilities are required, as intuitive dance is a way of free self-expression. The attendees will dance barefoot or in socks. 

    The last part of the session is stretching and breathing exercises, followed by a conversation that will sum up the meeting. 

    The entry costs PLN 20 and the session will last 2.5 hours. 


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