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    Hackers attack NATO countries with Chinese IPs. Who’s behind the cyber attacks?

    Cyber security experts from Check Point Research report that cyber security experts had observed an increase in cyberattacks aimed at NATO countries. Analyzing trends before and after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the researchers found that cyberattacks from Chinese IP countries increased by 116% and worldwide by 72%.

    The weekly number of cyber attacks launched by Chinese IPs was 72% higher last week than before the Russian invasion and 60% higher than in the first three weeks of the war. With an increase of 116% and an increase of 86% to the associated countries, there was an even higher number of attacks on the NATO states. In the case of Poland, this was an increase of 112% over the pre-invasion period and 110% over the first three weeks of the war.


    Just how successful Chinese hackers can be was revealed in January 2022 by News Corp., the editor of the Wall Street Journal. On January 20 of this year, hackers provided access to emails and documents from employees of the group, including journalists. Materials from the Wall Street Journal, the Dow Jones, the New York Post, News Technology Services and News UK were hacked, the editor wrote in an e-mail to the staff.


    “As the Russia-Ukraine conflict intensifies, we grew curious around cyberattacks originating from China. We’re seeing significant increases in cyber attacks that originate from Chinese IP addresses. It’s important to underscore that we cannot make an attribution to the Chinese entities, as it is difficult to determine attribution in cyber security without more evidence,” we can read on Check Point Blog.


    The whole article is available here 


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