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    Matthew Day for The Telegraph: Poland deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize

    “Poles are showing by their extraordinary assistance to war refugees from Ukraine that humanity is also capable of doing good”, Matthew Day, a foreign correspondent for The Telegraph, writes.


    “Unless you are part of it, it is almost impossible to convey the extraordinary way Poles have risen up to welcome the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees streaming into their country every week,” we read in the commentary.


    Matthew Day points out that more than two million people have already come to Poland, which is a large number compared to its 38 million population. Day stresses that “the response has been largely bottom-up, organised by individuals, groups of friends, clubs or neighbourhoods who have taken on the responsibility to help those fleeing the war.”


    “In return, there is one simple, symbolic way the rest of the world could show its gratitude and admiration: awarding the Polish nation the Nobel Peace Prize,” Day writes. 


    He points to countless examples of advertisements with requests and offers of help for Ukrainians, including those he observes directly in his suburb on the outskirts of Warsaw.

    “While Putin and his cohort of spineless and sycophantic supporters have debased the human spirit with their savagery in Ukraine, the Polish nation has opened its doors to strangers and shown that while mankind is capable of towering evil, it has the capacity for immense compassion, too,” admitts. 

    “If this is not deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, then I don’t know what is,” concludes. 


    The whole article of Matthew Day is available here 


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