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    “Such people write about Poland.” Politico journalist is outraged by the name of a train car

    Some trains offer passengers the option of using a dining car, especially on long journeys. One of the companies that operate catering in trains is the company “WARS.” A journalist from Politico, who was travelling by train, noticed the name of an entry on the menu and was outraged.

    The problem with the name of the dining car WARS had the journalist “Politico” Una Hajdari, who noticed the name of one of the breakfasts during the train ride. 


    “Maybe consider changing the name of this specific menu item,” the journalist wrote on Twitter.


    As she wrote on social media, the name was not properly associated. In English, the word “war” means war. But the truth is that WARS is an acronym that stands for Wagony Restauracyjne i Sypialne (eng. Dining and Sleeping Cars). Moreover, the company WARS S.A. has been operating in the passenger transport market since 1948 and serves travellers in restaurant, bar and sleeper carriages. 


    Internet users were shocked that the journalist does not know what she is talking about. They tried to explain what the name of the car means. Even some politicians got involved. The vice-speaker of the Senate Marek Pęk explained that “Wars are an abbreviation of the name “Restaurant and sleeping cars.“ You’re welcome…”.


    Twitter users also pointed out that a few days ago in “Politico” there was an article written by Una about how Ukrainians return to Ukraine despite the war because they were left without help and robbed in Poland! 


    “The photo of Ukrainians entering Poland was used as they were returning to Ukraine,” wrote the user. 


    “Who thought you to lie like this and for how many rubles?” wrote Karola attaching the title of Una’s article. 



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