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    PSG joins the Masovian Hydrogen Valley

    The Polish Gas Company (PSG) will be part of the cluster that forms the Masovian Hydrogen Valley. Cooperation within the project led by PKN ORLEN will cover the production, storage and use of low-carbon and low-carbon hydrogen in transport, energy, municipal and agricultural sectors, among others.

    In recent months, intensive work has been done to define the framework for the functioning of the Masovian Hydrogen Valley. Concrete initiatives to be implemented have already been mentioned. These include projects on the production of synthetic hydrocarbons using low-carbon and non-carbon hydrogen, and the establishment of the Academy of Hydrogen and Modern Technologies, which will start its first edition in 2022.


    “We are implementing the principles of the hydrogen strategy of the ORLEN Group, which was published in February this year. The collaboration of 37 business, science and finance entities is a great opportunity for the dynamic development of local hydrogen plants. Low and emission-free hydrogen technologies are of particular importance for PKN ORLEN and the entire Polish economy. Not only do they achieve the objective of emission neutrality, but they also make it possible to gradually reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. As part of the Masovian Hydrogen Valley, we plan to intensively develop intelligent specialisations, including the education of young people and students, which will form the foundation of Poland’s innovative hydrogen technologies soon,” Daniel Obajtek, CEO of PKN ORLEN, says.


    Masovian Hydrogen Valley was founded as a business cluster to allow a free choice of forms of cooperation between the members. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding began on 20 October 2021.


    “Masovian Hydrogen Valley is a response to the challenges associated with the energy transition in Poland. The Polish gas company wants to be a modern company using the latest technologies. That is why we have already been working very intensively on feeding hydrogen into our gas grids. I am convinced that the cooperation in the Masovian Hydrogen Valley will allow us to exchange experiences and accelerate the implementation of new solutions,” added Robert Więckowski, CEO of the Polish Gas Company (PSG).


    Following Poland’s hydrogen strategy, at least five hydrogen valleys are being built in our country, where hydrogen technologies are being developed. Each valley becomes a centre for research, development, improvement and training to introduce hydrogen into the economy. Today, there are 36 hydrogen valleys in 20 countries around the world, of which more than 20 are in Europe.


    Besides PKN ORLEN S.A. and the Polish Gas Company, SIEMENS ENERGY Sp. z o.o., the Agency for Industrial Development S.A., TOYOTA Motor Poland Company Limited Spółka z o.o. and many others have formed the cluster.


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