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    Improvised Opera sings for Ukraine

    On Saturday, April 9th in BARdzo Bardzo club a comedic group Improvised Opera will make a performance combining humour with classical music. The profit from the tickets will be donated to the SOS Ukraine charity action led by Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH).

    Improvised Opera is an experimental comedic group composed of Magdalena Czerwińska, Konrad Gniazdowski and Krzysztof Kozłowski. They have technical knowledge about the aesthetics and methods of opera singing and the traditional music conventions that they use in their performances. While they base the structure of their stages on traditional operas, the content is unpredictable.

    The improvised part comes from the fact that it’s the audience that gives artists the ideas for the story. That’s why they are often absurd and include mismatched elements such as social media, personified weather seasons and astronauts, whoever’s scream is the loudest. After an ended show, Improvised Opera posts a summary of it on its Facebook page.

    In order to show solidarity and support to Ukrainians, all the profits from their next show will be donated to Polish Humanitarian Action. The ticket costs 20 PLN, and you can buy it only with cash at the entry. The show will last 1.5 hour.


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