Strolling beaver in Cracow’s Kazimierz. A rhyme included [PICTURES]

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Cracow wild animals appear regularly. Citizens inform that it’s easy to spot a wild boar when it is roaming the city. A beaver walking around the centre of Cracow is rather a rare situation, although beavers can be found in almost every water tank.

Today about 6 a.m. city guard in Cracow found a strolling beaver on Krakowska street. As funny as it may sound, he was rescued safely according to the guards.

However, they wrote a short poem addressed to the beaver. 

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Check the adaptation below:


Mr. Beaver,

Please explain your mood,

A walk through Cracow, is that your choice?

Instead of chewing wood,

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Strolling, stamping, and making a noise?

Think about it one more time,

go to the forest, don’t commit a crime.



Pictures by city guard in Cracow

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