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    Russian and Belarusian spies were identified in Poland. The cases are of evolving nature

    According to the Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, Stanisław Żaryn, the Military Counterintelligence Service (pol. abbrev. SKW) has identified a Russian citizen who conducted intelligence activities to the detriment of Poland. In recent days, the man has been detained by the Military Gendarmerie and charged with espionage. The court decided to temporarily arrest him.

    Based on the material gathered by the Military Counterintelligence Service, the Military Gendarmerie detained a Russian citizen suspected of acting in favour of the Russian intelligence service. The man, working for the Russian special services, carried out actions to the detriment of Poland. He was detained on 6 April 2022.


    The evidence gathered by the SKW indicates that the man, instructed by the Russian special services, collected the data on the military readiness of the Polish Armed Forces and the NATO troops. The detainee was brought to the DA’s office, where he was charged with espionage, under article 130, paragraph 1, of the penal code.


    The suspect is a Russian citizen, living in Poland for 18 years. In Poland, he has carried out business activities. The vast evidence has been secured during the investigation, which now is being analysed. At the request of the DA’s office, the court decided on pre-trial detention for 3 months.


    Belarusian citizens detained


    Thanks to the evidence collected by the service in another case, also two citizens of Belarus who carried out intelligence activity in Poland in favour of Belarusian special services have been identified in recent days. According to the information provided by Żaryn, the suspects were detained by the Military Gendarmerie on 4 April 2022.


    The men are suspected of espionage in favour of the Belarusian special services. The detainees conducted on the territory of Poland operations aimed at recognizing facilities of strategic and critical importance for Poland’s defence.


    It was stressed that both investigations were of evolving nature.


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