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    Fuel prices in Poland are falling. PLN increases its value

    This is optimistic news before Christmas. Most stations managed to lower the price of 7 PLN per litre of fuel. On Tuesday morning, PLN increased towards major currencies.

    On Monday, it was only a prediction, today it’s facts. The average price of petrol and diesel fell below 7 PLN.


    A litre of petrol 95 as yesterday costs an average of 6.45 PLN, while diesel costs an average of 6.99 PLN.


    On Tuesday morning, the Polish zloty was strengthened concerning the euro, for which 4.65 PLN had to be paid at 8.06 a.m. The revaluation regarding the euro is 0.18%.


    The Polish currency also increases its value against the Swiss franc. The size of the increase is 0.09 per cent, and the Swiss franc at 8.06 a.m. cost almost 4.60 PLN.


    The currency also strengthens against the dollar – in this case by 0.05 per cent, to 4.28 PLN per dollar.


    On Tuesday morning, the price of a barrel of Brent oil increased by just over 2 per cent and was valued at $100.48. It should be noted that at the peak of the price increase during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the price of oil in the US rose to $130 per barrel, while Brent oil was almost $140 per barrel.

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