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    Medicover supports Pre-adoption Intervention Centres

    The Medicover Foundation supports two Pre-adoption Intervention Centres – Otwock and Częstochowa. These are the only such centres in Poland. Their task is to provide help to newborns with health problems, temporarily or permanently deprived of the care of their parents and doomed to social orphanhood.

    In the Pre-adoption Intervention Centre, the children are given shelter and medical assistance. In a family-like atmosphere, they make their first little steps, say their first words or smile for the first time. The centres provide children with the necessary care while looking for adoptive families. They do everything so that children do not end up in an orphanage, but rather with loving families.

    Promotional video of IOP in Otwock ⤵️

    The unique Intervention Pre-Adoption Center (IOP) in Otwock is the only one in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. It takes care of newborns and infants in emergencies who are temporarily or permanently deprived of parental care. Its tries to protect the youngest children from the negative effects of orphanhood.

    It’s the Foundation’s long-standing tradition that they donate all the collected funds within the framework of transferring 1% to these centres. We invite you to join this initiative also this year.

    You can support the Pre-adoption Intervention Centres by writing down the KRS number of the Medicover Foundation: 0000283132 in your personal income tax statement.



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